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Pet Cremation FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

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Pet cremation is becoming more popular for several reasons. Cremation is an easier and less costly way to sustain the memory of your pet. In many neighborhoods, home burials are restricted because of sanitation and seepage concerns. In some situations, a family anticipates that they may move and want to ensure that the pet’s remains can move with them. In other situations, family members who no longer live together may each want a pet memorial that contains ashes.
All cremations are performed at our site. We have a very short turnaround time. We guarantee that your pet’s ashes and memorial items will be available for pickup, either at our location or at your veterinarian clinic, five days after we receive your pet’s remains.

We strive to have many special order urns and memorial items in our inventory to ensure that you receive your order as quickly as possible.

In some situations, clients choose to special order a memorial item that is not in stock. In these situations, we place the order immediately, and let you know as soon as the item has come in.
Your veterinarian clinic has access to our website and can help you decide on the services and memorial items that are right for you.

If you use a clinic that does not currently work with us, you can request that we pick up the pet remains (for free) and the ashes will be returned to this clinic.
We have a positive pet identification system that uses a numerical metal ID disc that always remains with your pet. The ID is placed on your pet either by your veterinarian or by our staff. This ID is used to track your pet during the cremation process and is returned to you if you select to have the ashes returned.

If you also order urn engraving, or one of our other pet memorial items, we require written documentation from your clinic to ensure that we fulfill your order exactly as you want it. If we have any questions, we call the clinic to verify the information.
Absolutely. We understand that families sometimes like to say their last goodbye at the final moment.

We work on an appointment basis to ensure that you have the privacy that you desire during this important time. With notice, we can make appointments in the evenings or on Saturday for no additional charge.

Please feel free to call our office during business hours for an appointment, or leave a message which will be returned the next business day.
Our Pet ID Tracking System allows us to positively identify your pet at all times. We require documentation and signatures when we pick up a pet from a clinic and when we deliver. We have never lost track of a pet.
When you ask to have the ashes returned, we always keep your pet’s remains separate and identifiable during the process.

Cremation ashes are created using high temperatures that reduce all organic material to a fine textured ash and dried bone, usually white or grey in color, called ‘cremains.’ The high temperature ensures that the cremains do not have a lingering scent.

We carefully remove the cremains to ensure a high quality end result that is suitable for filling an urn, memorial jewelry, or for spreading at your discretion. Different size pets create different volumes of cremains, and the size of the urn depends on your pet’s weight.

If you have arranged to have the ashes returned, the cremains are placed in a white plastic bag, and then placed inside the urn. Some people request that a velvet bag also be used inside the urn, or that the cremains be returned only in a velvet bag.

We maintain a high standard of cleanliness, both in the public and private areas of our building and never allow cremains to become lost or escape from their designated areas.
In communal cremations, where the pet owners do not wish to have ashes returned, the remains of multiple pets are placed in the cremation chamber at one time and are processed together. The resulting cremains are scattered on private property.
We take a great deal of care in preparing both the urn, the engraving, and the memorial item. However, much to our regret, mistakes do occasionally occur.

Sometimes these errors occur when information is transmitted to us from a veterinarian clinic. If we can immediately identify either an obvious error or an omission before the memorial item is prepared, we call the clinic to get a correction. When we work directly with a pet owner, we ensure that all information is correct at the time the order is taken, and we take time to do a follow-up verification.

If an error still occurs, or a memorial item does not meet with your satisfaction, we will do everything possible to correct the situation or replace the item because your satisfaction is our main concern.
Yes, we frequently use package delivery services to facilitate returning pet ashes.

Pet Cremation Question and Answer Videos

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We do not offer a placement viewing of your pets cremation process. You can take advantage of our grieving room.

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What Happens To Pets Between Euthanasia And Cremation

The most humane thing to do immediately is get your pet’s body in a frozen state. We have that equipment in our office as well as most vet clinics in the Valley have that service as well. 

What Happens To Communal Pet Cremains

When a pet is communally cremated its’ ashes are spread on our family cattle ranch in Utah where the owner grew up.

How Long Does The Pet Cremation Process Take

Our pet cremation process takes 5 days for the full process.

Choosing An Urn For Pet Cremation

We offer many products for your pet’s cremains other than just the included wooden box like pet urns, paw prints, pictures or acrylic prints.

What Are The Differences Between Pet Ashes vs Cremains

During the process of pet cremation ashes usually disappear. Cremains, which are what is left are the skeletal part of your family pet.

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