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When To Put Your Pet Down Pet Cremation

When The Time Comes

Pet ownership can be one of the most rewarding and inspiring aspects of life. When the circle of life draws to a close for our furry friends, advanced preparation can help ease the difficulty of death. At Family Animal Services of Utah, our goal is to assist your family through the process of this loss as you say goodbye. Our services and memorial products provide an avenue to say goodbye and honor your cherished companion.

Although it can be difficult to find the time, working with a pet after-death provider before death allows for a more peaceful decision making process. Family Animal Services is happy to take your appointment to visit our facility and work with one of our staff to discuss option for your pet.

Pet Cremation

Cremation as an option for after-death pet care has not always been a popular choice, but it provides an excellent and cost effective way to sustain the memory of your pet. Backyard burials are sometimes restricted, and a family move may cause unexpected heartache as the family member is left behind. The peace of mind granted by utilizing caring after-death cremation and keeping your family member’s remains with you is a service Family Animal Services is honored to provide.

When you bring your pet to our facility, we meet with you privately to discuss your plans and review our services in our grieving room. Your appointment guarantees the room for an hour for your family to say a final private goodbye.

All cremations are performed locally at our office in Sandy. Our five business day turnaround time is unmatched and guarantees that time away from your pet is limited and the closure step in the grieving process can begin.

When your pet comes to Family Animal Services for a private cremation, our a pet identification system utilizes a metal ID disc that always remains with your pet. This ID disc number is used to track your pet through the entire process and is returned with the cremains.

Cremation remains, or cremains, are created using high temperatures that reduce and evaporate organic material leaving dried bone. We carefully remove the cremains and process them to ensure a high-quality result that is suitable for filling an urn, memorial jewelry, or for spreading at your discretion.

We maintain a high standard of cleanliness and un-wavering commitment to the integrity of cremains. With an appointment, we are happy to provide tours of both public and private areas of our building